Movement Laboratory

School of Performing Arts

  Judy Williams Henry


 "Classical dance stimulates motivational behavior for life long learning."

Judy Williams Henry-  Dancer, actor, choreographer, director and mentor has inspired young people to dance since 1970, taking students to perform and study different cultures around the world.  Her strong vision and mission o "Goodwill Through Dance" has enriched the lives of innumerable young people, particularly in Boston and Central Pennsylvania, and as far as Russia.

Cultural exchange has always been part of Movement Laboratory's philosophy and purpose.  For Judy, movement is the universal language, as well as a vehicle for peace and understanding.  This is why her foreign exchange programs have been so ambitious and far reaching, including before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-emrgence of Russia.  A number of "Goodwill Through Dance" tours over the years have given Movement Laboratory students international performance opportunities in countries as diverse as the former Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Spain.  

Judy likes to emphasize that Movement Laboratory is truly an American dance school.  The school and her program emphasize the culture of America Through the music and choreography of dance.  Even though Movement Laboratory offers instruction in classic and traditional forms of dance, the school in unique ways, represents the American approach to dance in all of its forms.  This is why Movement Laboratory has been in demand internationally since its first "Goodwill Through Dance Tour" in the early 1980's and why international choreographers clamor for Judy wherever she goes.

Perhaps the defining characteristic that has made Movement Laboratory a sucess over the past 40 years is Judy's focus on education and responsibility.  It is here that Judy shines above the rest.  Judy's undergraduate degree in dance/ theater (BFA) from the Boston Conservatory of music affords her a unique perspective as a teacher and counselor. She also holds a Master of Science degree from Wheelock College in Management and Educational Administration.  She is not only an artist, but an educator as well.  She believes in shaping the whole person to build self-esteem and personal acceptance in each of her students. 

Children have always been at the forefront of Judy's mission.  Her purpose and life's journey has been intertwined with the love and care for children.  Movement Laboratory and all of the students that she loves have been FIRST in her life.  Her greatest satisfaction is seeing that her students are successful along their life's journey.

Miss Judy & Misty Copeland at Steps On Broadway, NYC